Monday, March 16, 2009

i want to see a monkey...

howler monkey, costa rica, canon digital rebel xti

So back in December, I took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica. The one thing on my life list of things to do was to see a monkey in the wild(preferably in the rain forest). Once we landed in Costa Rica, we set out to visit Volcano Arenal and to not only see the live volcano but to also get a glimpse of a howler monkey. Although we went during the beginning of the dry season... we found out that dry season really only means less rain people! It rained everyday. We never got a good view of Arenal during the day nor did any of our hikes in the rain forest present a monkey. I was bummed and the whole time I kept whining...I want to see a monkey (they are my favorite animal. Finally, one day when we were on photography mission in Liberia so I could take a picture of a famous church, we had something amazing happen. We were driving down a busy highway when I spotted a car crash ahead. People were standing around and looking up in a tree. I thought to myself "Why are those people staring up at the tree?" Just then I looked up and spotted five black bodies up in the tree. I grabbed my camera and bolted out of the car while it was still moving. A whole troop of howler monkeys were on display, including a baby monkey which made my whole trip. After that experience...I became and expert monkey spotter. It turns out all you need to do is look up in the mango trees at sunset and keep your ears open for their sound.

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Darlene said...

SO very cool...a monkey picture would make my would the trip!

Have a great day :)